Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity with constant learning and growth potential? Look no further. At Moldcable, we provide comprehensive training to get you started, but the journey toward excellence doesn't stop there. Working with us, you get to refine two critical skills: your technical capabilities and your communication skills. Let's unpack this further.


Constantly Improve Your Technical Skills

As a Cable Technician, staying ahead in the game means continuously updating your knowledge and learning about the latest tools and technologies. At Moldcable, we encourage you to become an expert in your field, enhancing your efficiency and productivity. You might ask, why does efficiency matter? The answer is simple - the quicker you can complete a task without compromising quality, the more clients you can serve, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a happier you!

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Master the Art of Communication

In our line of work, how you explain the intricacies of our service to the customer makes all the difference. Communication skills are just as important as your technical expertise. This skill influences your First-Time Right (FTR) rates and repeat rates. The more informed a customer is about the service, the happier they will be.

Respect for Customers' Property

Being a Cable Technician at Moldcable is more than just customer service. You work on a customer's property, making it crucial for you to exhibit the utmost professionalism. From the moment you step onto their premises, the way you look, talk and inform the customer about every move you're going to make matters. By keeping customers in the loop, you establish a strong professional relationship, ensuring that you meet their expectations to the fullest.

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Navigating Your Way Up

Promotions at Moldcable are not just about seniority or the number of jobs completed. We value quality over quantity. By following the rules and striving to be in the top 10% of technicians in your region, you can expect to move up the ladder. Remember, it's not just about reaching the finish line, but how gracefully you run the race.

Reputation is Key

Lastly, reputation matters a lot in our line of work. Every task you perform, every word you speak, and even the way you leave a job site contributes to your reputation. Your commitment to doing your best in every situation will not only reflect positively on you but also on Moldcable.

Join us at Moldcable to embark on a journey of continuous learning and development, where you don't just become a better Cable Technician, but a better professional. You're not just joining a company; you're becoming part of a community committed to excellence.

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  • Skill Enhancement: Constantly improve your technical skills for increased efficiency and productivity.

  • Communication is Key: Master the art of effective communication to keep customers informed and satisfied.

  • Respect for Property: Exhibit professionalism and respect when working on a customer's property.

  • Quality over Quantity: At Moldcable, quality work trumps volume. Aim to be in the top 10% of your region's technicians.

  • Value Reputation: Every action contributes to your reputation; strive to maintain a positive image.

  • Join the Community: Moldcable offers an environment of continuous learning and development, fostering both professional and personal growth.