The thing about a good mascot is that it catches brand essence. It incorporates all the brand's strengths and transforms them into a relatable and highly recognizable "character." Sure enough, a mascot can be many things, but it's important to make it as engaging as possible. To ensure that any prospective customers will instantly recognize that Mascot and associate it with your business.

As part of our rebranding, MoldCable decided to introduce a mascot of its own. One that would not only look enticing but would embody all the wonderful things that MoldCable stands for – Teamwork, Safety, and Quality.

Needless to say, there's a story behind every Mascot, and ours is no different. That's why today, we've decided to tell you a bit more about what our Mascot entails and how this collective vision came to life.

The first draft

Designing a mascot implies brainstorming. It's no secret that the final version rarely resembles the initial design, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Our Mascot is no exception.

Our talented designer sat down with our marketing experts to develop the right idea, which could then be transformed into the first sketch of what MoldCable Mascot would look like.

MoldCable is a business that revolves around quad-play installations of Digital Cable, High-speed Internet, VOIP, Alarm Systems, etc. We use cutting-edge technological advancements to ensure that people nationwide have access to quality broadband solutions and TV services. Our technicians are busy day and night working on numerous projects at once. Their job entails not only laying cables and working on-site. They actively communicate with the customers and provide on-demand support to everyone in need. They come to people's homes to fix any issues that may have occurred and deliver top-of-the-line customer support services.

That's one of the many reasons it was so important to make our Mascot relatable to those who will benefit from our numerous professional solutions.

So the first thing that came to our mind was designing a… cable technician. The most obvious way to go, don't you think? Granted, it was supposed to be a cartoonish character like the one you'd expect from a Fallout game. Nothing too complicated – just your friendly neighborhood Cable Technician who is always there for you, ready and willing to take on any project and help you out with any issues you may be experiencing.

There was, however, one essential aspect that was crucial to the Mascot's success. That is – our cartoonish fellow had to be dressed exactly like our Cable Technicians. With all the safety equipment on, a hard hat, a vest, special boots, and even a tool bag around his waist.

The idea was simple – to design a character that would symbolize our company's most precious asset – our workforce! Our Cable Technicians are at the backbone of our business, and it seemed like an obvious way to handle the task at hand.

Our designer even came up with a set of "emojis" to reflect the character's mood. It would be used to communicate with our customers online.

Let's say you're trying to load a certain page on the website that no longer exists. You'll get a standard 404 message but one that's spiced up by our Mascot. Our Mascot would look sad and disappointed. The same rule applies to other situations – the Mascot would wink, smile, frown, etc. Depending on the scenario the user was facing.

The initial idea was a fairly developed one, but as we all know, the final results are seldom anything like the thing you thought of at the start of the journey.

I am the CableMan!

While our first Mascot looked great and seemed to capture the essence of what MoldCable has to offer, there was something very important missing. Call it a "creative touch," if you will. The Mascot was lacking that little something special that would facilitate the awe-factor and allow our customers to associate our services with something dependable, trustworthy, rock-solid.

Our next logical step was to analyze the things that people these days value more. So we turned to escapism for an answer. You'll be surprised to learn what you can come up with when you're starting to think in a different direction.

So what do people nowadays love? What gives them that sense of reassurance and a reinforced belief that tomorrow will be different? The answer was floating on the surface. Our Mascot was going to become a superhero!

Surely, we all know and love the nation's most memorable superheroes. Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Wolverine… the list goes on forever. The Marvel studios are proving with each new MCU release that superheroes are very much relevant, in-demand, and speak to the viewers, conveying all the right ideas where the forces of good always prevail over the forces of evil. Simple concept, great realization.

We figured – what the heck? Why not try a similar approach? After all, as much as we love our technicians' outfits and protective gear, let's take a closer look at the value they bring to the community. These guys are just as heroic as the next neighborly Spidey.

Think about it – our technicians arrive precisely when you need them. They're always on time and ready to take on even the seemingly impossible tasks. They save the day for thousands of customers nationwide! Sure, they may not be dressed up as bats and have no capes, but in our case, they don't need masks to do some good for our society. Though highly paid for, their job is still quite demanding and entails certain things that common folk is simply unequipped to carry out on their own.

Granted, our workforce has no superpowers and can't fly, but it doesn't prevent them from doing a lot of good for many people daily.

Thus, CableMan was born!

The hero that our customers deserve

Behold, the CableMan! He is the one who arrives whenever you need to fix your internet connection, expand your broadband services or deal with some TV issues. He is the one who'll answer your call and put on his cape to deliver lightning-fast services that will never let our customers down!

Sounds pretty epic. Doesn't it? Our thoughts exactly. So our mascot design went through several more iterations. It's still the same Fallout-ish character we came up with at the start of our journey, but his outfit has changed significantly. He is now wearing a cape, and his hairdo displays how charming this guy is. Nothing fancy, add a cape and the most important detail for just about any superhero – the symbol on his chest.

Remember how Batman had a bat imprinted on his numerous costumes? Or how Superman had an "S" in the middle of his chest – a symbol that stood for “Hope” in his homeworld? Well, we couldn't neglect such an important detail and did the most obvious thing that came to our minds. We put MoldCable's official logo on our character's chest. It's a beacon of hope for anyone in need of cable installations and a truly memorable combination of colors that also has a much deeper meaning than one could initially suggest (we'll definitely talk about that in one of our future blog entries). 

Just as was the case with our previous iteration of MoldCable's Mascot, our designer did a fine job ensuring that our character will be ready to communicate with our customers via an array of human emotions. It was done to ensure that our website visitors, be it potential clients, esteemed partners, or causal users, could relate to our little superhero and maybe feel reassured that somewhere, someone is working day and night to deliver top of the line cable solutions that are bound to change the community in all the right ways!

At MoldCable, we value diversity and encourage out-of-the-box thinking. Our Mascot reflects upon our team spirit and is a good indication that together, we're capable of designing something truly unique that speaks to our customers and conveys the right ideas to anyone looking for our assistance.

We hope that our journey into the story behind our Mascot was informative and captivating for our readers. In the future, we'll explore even more aspects of our company's backstage and promise to provide our readers with the hottest and most exciting updates on what's next for MoldCable – a company with its very own superhero – the mighty CableMan!