Cable technicians, also known as cable installers or cable TV technicians, are responsible for providing access to reliable and high-quality cable TV, internet, and telephone services for residential and commercial customers.

Despite the importance of their role, there are many misconceptions about cable technicians and their job duties. In this article, we will dispel three common myths about cable technicians to give you a better understanding of their role and the skills required to excel in this field.

                                                            Myth #1: Cable technicians only deal with cable TV

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While cable TV is a significant part of a cable technician's job, they also install and maintain internet and telephone services. With the rise of streaming services, many customers are cutting the cord and opting for internet-based TV options. As a result, cable technicians must ensure that cable TV is working properly and that internet connections are fast and reliable. Additionally, cable technicians are responsible for installing and maintaining home security systems, including burglar alarms, cameras, and other security devices, to help protect homes and businesses from break-ins and theft.

                                                       Myth #2: Cable technicians are not well-trained or skilled

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This is a common misconception about cable technicians. In reality, cable technicians must possess a solid understanding of electronics and computer technology, as well as the ability to work with hand tools and test equipment. They must also be familiar with the different types of cables and connectors used in the industry and have the ability to troubleshoot and repair problems with cable TV, internet, and telephone services, as well as home security systems. Furthermore, cable technicians must be able to work in a variety of settings and have good communication skills to interact with customers effectively.

                                                      Myth #3: Cable technicians only work for cable companies

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While many cable technicians do work for cable companies, some are self-employed or work for other companies, such as telecommunications companies, home security companies, or computer networking companies.

With the growing demand for internet and telephone services, the role of cable technicians has expanded beyond just working for cable companies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of telecommunications equipment installers and repairers, including cable technicians, is projected to grow in the next decade.


In summary, cable technicians play a crucial role in ensuring that households and businesses have access to reliable and high-quality cable TV, internet, and telephone services. They are highly skilled and trained professionals who possess a strong understanding of electronics and computer technology and have the ability to work with hand tools and test equipment. Furthermore, job opportunities for cable technicians are not just limited to cable companies but also to other companies that provide similar services.